"Jim Guerra describes in a poignant and humorous style, what it was like for the ten years under the total control of a very paranoid psychopath named Jim Roberts, known as "The Elder' or 'Brother Evangelist.' Guerra includes numerous examples of 'forsaking all,' being plagued by mites, denied marriage, isolation from family and friends, dumpster diving, feeling trapped in the group. This book is enlightening, entertaining, moving, and infuriating as the reader learns how Jim Roberts has destroyed so many wonderful families...."

Ronald N. Loomis
Cult Awareness Educator and Consultant and Director of
Education of American Family Foundation
Bonita Springs FL


"Jim Guerra has ripped the lid off the dumpster. With the details that only an insider's eye could observe, he has given the world a truthful account of how the sociopathic personality operates inside the shadow world of the modern day religious cult. This book is an absolute must read for every parent sending a youngster off to college."

J. Zink, Ph.D., Family Therapist, Los Angles CA


"Dean's List to Dumpsters is Jim Guerra's gut-wrenching story about what life is like inside a religious cult. My sister's son is currently caught in this nightmare, created by the cult's active founder, Jim Roberts. Hopefully Jim Guerra's story will serve as an excellent educational tool to help others learn how quickly and innocently people can fall prey to mind control."


About the Author

Jim Guerra lives in La Vern, California with his wife, Luchy, and their children, Rebekah and William. He graduated magna cum laude with a degree in English and literature from the University of Maryland. He earned his teaching credential from California State University, Los Angeles, and teaches seventh grade math and English. Guerra is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan who enjoys reading, writing, computers, and playing piano. He also gives cult-education talks and goes on short-term mission projects to Mexico.

As a result of being recruited into a cult during his sophomore year at Harvard, Guerra feels he did great damage to his family and friends. He wrote From Dean's List to Dumpsters: Why I Left Harvard to Join a Cult to warn people of the danger of being deceived. It is availabe for $17 plus S&H. To order a copy please write to trgpn@bigfoot.com.

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