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He walks with empty pockets,
and only a duffle bag in hand.
A dusty, overgrown path
has become his chosen land.

He has left all of his wordly goods,
they are but a burden to a boy.
The only need he has is
the need to share his joy.

He wants to make a difference,
to show light to the blind.
However, in his excitement
he left a great deal behind.

Like the extras that he did not need,
he also chose not to bother
with the hearts and minds of many
including his sisters, and his mother and father.

So, they're left to pray in the morning
for a letter or a call,
and to pray in the evening,
that their own faith will not fall.

Every minute they are coping
for more strength to understand
why he feft without a clue
and washed their thoughts from his hands.

With respect for his desires,
and anger for his path,
they can only pray that home,
is a marker on your map.

--Your Sibling

As parents we recognize that while each of our sons and daughters is unique and may have had different goals and lifestyles, there are many similarities among them. This section might give you an idea of who our offspring are and why your son or daughter might be with this group.

Intelligent. Our sons and daughters are intelligent, inquisitive, young adults, who were successful students in school. Many were recruited at college campuses where they were attending classes. The Roberts Group frequently recruits young men and women at university campuses, student gathering places, libraries, concerts, and events such as Rainbow gatherings.

Talented. Many excelled in hobbies and were athletic, artistic and musically skilled.

Spiritual. They seemed to be reaching out for some unfulfilled spiritual experience and lifestyle even though they may have been very connected to their family's spiritual substance.

Personable. Our sons and daughters tended to be attractive, well behaved, well mannered, and self-disciplined.

Age. Most were recruited between the age of seventeen and twenty-one; however, there were some younger and some older.

These characteristics are displayed to various degrees in all of our sons and daughters and are reflective of the Roberts Group in general.

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