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MISSION -- Release the members from the control of the Roberts Group and establish two-way communication and an open and loving relationship between members and their families.

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We, The Roberts Group Parents Network, are the parents and families of people who have disappeared in the last thirty years. We don't know where they are. We do know they've been lured away from us by a nomadic, bible-based cult, who forsake their families, possessions, and all of society, to wander the streets of our cities and states, witnessing to or proselytizing other unsuspecting young men and women, and recruiting them to their group. If a member or your family or a friend has disappeared, and you don't know where to start looking, or you suspect cult activity, you might find them in...


We will refer to them in this document as the Roberts Group. They live in accordance with the teaching of an authoritarian leader, who determines the members' beliefs and their daily behavior. The leader's interpretation of Bible scripture is the foundation for this cult. It is a highly structured, strictly disciplined group that demands the total time, allegiance, dedication and resources of the members. They see themselves as the only possessors of truth and regard outsiders, parents, and family members as unsaved, unenlightened, unspiritual and hostile to the truth.

This document addresses three main areas: what our sons and daughters were like before they entered the Roberts Group, a general discussion and description of the Roberts Group's lifestyle, and pictures of unidentified persons within the Roberts Group. We will provide additional resources for those of you who recognize any of the unidentified or suspect your son, daughter, brother, sister, or other loved one has entered the Roberts Group.

If you recognize anyone on these pages or if you suspect your loved one is a part of the Roberts Group, we empathize with you. We know the pain you feel and deeply regret that you share our situation. On the other hand, we'd like to welcome you to our fellowship. We've been brought together from all parts of the country by our common loss. Our sorrow is the same. In supporting each other we find new strength to make it through one day at a time and the new hope that we'll be reunited with the loved ones that were taken from our lives.

We hope this website serves several purposes. First and foremost, we hope it will be an aid to the parents and families of the Roberts Group members. Second, we hope to provide the truth and educate and forewarn the public about Jim Roberts and his control. Third, we hope this might be an aid in helping us find our sons and daughters.

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